Saturday, April 19, 2008

We are the Strange

Just watch it. Then read the reviews. To those who don't know what it's about:

The story is set in an extremely glitchy video game.

It follows Blue, a prostitute.
Emmm, the son of Rain.
Ori, a psychopath who helps Rain.
Rain, a man who is fighting for the freedom of his world.

Him is an egomaniacle villain, who destroys the world for pleasure. He infected Blue with her ailment.

Blue leaves the city, absolutely scarred.
Ori and Rain run around killing things.
Blue meets Emmm
Ori and Rain kill things.
Blue and Emmm go back to the city, to get Emmm some ice cream.
Ori and Rain are still killing things.
Blue and Emmm go to an arcade, and Blue plays a video game. Emmm dances to the music.
A horrible monster sneaks up. Blue sees it, but can't speak because of her ailment. Emmm is kicked, and the monster begins chanting "Woo, whatcha' gunna' do now?" like an idiot.
Blue runs away, and is separated from Emmm.
Blue runs into a monster.
Rain kills it, and asks her where Emmm is. He tells her to take him and leave.
Blue goes looking for Emmm, but finds a bunch of Him cultists.
The cultists tell her that Emmm is underground, and will somehow save them all.
Him shows up, and activates his giant robot.
Him kills Rain, and Rain reveals that Emmm is his son.
A flashback shows Rain with his newborn son, giving him his "game box". Him appears at the door, and destroys most everything. The nanny robot takes Emmm away, and sends him to the forest, where he resided until Blue found him.
Emmm raises the mech his father built for him, and fights Him.
It seems he won, but the city is destroyed, and he can't find anything or anyone he liked.
Emmm becomes depressed, and wanders.
The mech alerts Emmm that Blue has been found!
Him stabs Emmm's mech. Him is still active.
Blue realizes that her affliction is actually her power.
Him calls her a hero.
Him beats her up.
Him launches a wave of nasty crap.
Emmm gets mad, and throws his mech's heart... core... thingy, which has a hole in it's center.
Blue flies through the hole in the crap wave, and kills Him.
The end.

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