Saturday, May 17, 2008

George Liquor

Hey, this is a post on George Liquor. I'm still working on some scenery examples, but so far, it's going good. I've drawn a lot of this character, but I'm only showing the three best.

I have no idea what's going on in this first picture. That expression is so psychotic, and there's a weird stress in the way he's clutching that spatula. It's exactly what I wanted, but it turned out way better than I'd anticipated.

I imagined a scene where George has to stay up for WAY too long... For some reason, and eventually falls asleep with the TV running. A little vague a premise, and a little cliche, but a good excuse to draw a very bored looking George.

The third one is colored. It was done before the other two, and I don't like it as much. What I do like, is the way I handled the colors on him. Watercolor pencils are incredible tools. I love them so much. They allow me to color my work immediately, without having to change my mindset completely for paint, or digital, or ink. I can just dive right in, bringing my momentum from drawing with me!

So, yeah, those are my three best.

The next one isn't as good as those three, but I want to show it, because the idea makes me laugh. Here's George's tongue:

And, to finish it all off, here's the first of my scenery drawings:

It's not very good, and won't be included in the scenery post. But it's a good impression of where I'm going with this.

Well, I hope you enjoyed something here. Post if you have something to say!

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tom-turbo said...

Oh, so youre trying out for Kricfalusi's new George Liquor show? Best of luck to you ^^

The first 2 you showed there seemed to be pretty much what John K is looking for. Lively lineart and very distinct poses.

I also wanted to commend you for what you wrote on one of his posts regarding un-originality. A nice blunt yet respectful comment which he unfortunately has not answered to :( I wanted to hear his reply myself.

Either way, good luck with these drawings. Hopefully you'll get a chance to work properly^^