Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Show Idea...

Some Fun Cartoons

Aptly named. We just make a bunch of short cartoons for fun, dressing up the same characters in new outfits, and having them act out different rolls in different settings. Kind of Like Alvin and the Chipmunks, but their lives outside of imaginative play are only hinted at. The focus is on the story at hand, not the background on the somewhat mysterious characters. Although the characters are acting as other characters, they are also still themselves, and their own personality traits will still shine through in whatever roll they take. The voice actors must play a character who is playing a character. Occasionally, the characters may break the fourth wall. And on rare occasions, the illusion of imagination may break, showing their true setting briefly. The plots can cover any subject matter, any level of seriousness, and even change the visual style. It can include as many or as few of the characters as they want. Every episode is unique unto itself, but tied in with the other cartoons by the recurring cast. It isn't aimed at a speciffic audience, it's aimed at whatever audience watches.

The first character is Roy of the Road. He's the host, and does the intro and closing. He also does the halfway bumper, if it's a split episode. He's an overly handsome man, with square jaw and shiny teeth. He has blond hair, gelled back. He drives a red convertible around a desert, which is literally "nowhere" as the road signs point out. He's cheesy and campy, much like the purpose he provides, but in a completely arbitrary manner. Occasionally, he is seen around the gas station/diner/mechanic's. In one of his bumpers, he will be running from a giant mutant sand worm. There will also be a buffer of him escaping a horde of zombies. Finally, he will occasionally be seen camping out in the desert, talking over the fire. Dianne of the Diner will also butt in, and do one of the buffers. He is in every episode at least once. And I will do my very hardest to make the audience hate him.

Mackenzie is a young boy, about 13. He has curly golden brown hair, which sits on his head like a giant dust ball. He has freckles and glasses, and talks with a lisp of unknown origins. He's skinny and weak. He's nervous around people, and completely catatonic around women. An absolute dork. He rarely gets in much more than a few stammered squeaks. He plays functional roles, background characters, and roles which would be very uncomfortable for him. For example, he'd play the mail man, a butler, a taxi driver, etc. He generally gets the butt end of a joke, but sometimes gets revenge in one way or another. At least once, he will be forced to play the super villain, and ALL of his assistants will be beautiful women.

Eddie Jupiter is ten. Eddie is ten years old, and has blond hair, which is always in a new crazy hair-do, compliments of his hairdresser mother. He loves rock, punk rock and metal, and is obsessed with those cultures. But he often gets things wrong in his childish innocense. He's hyper energetic, and is always running around. When he's around, the story often finds itself going off track. If he gets really bored, he converts to his alter-ego, Captain Purple. Captain Purple is chaotic, and nearly villainous. He causes havoc, no matter where he goes. Occasionally, people need to restrain Eddy, to prevent a Captain Purple attack.

Loup is Eddy's dog. It's a small dog, and a very lazy one at that. It's usually just sort of hanging around.

Rachel is 14, and has long brown-red hair. Generally cute, and the apple of Mackenzie's eye. She literally doesn't even realize he exists, asking "Mackenzie who?" on several occasions. She's not stupid or ignorant, so much as unobservant. When she notices things, she's a very good person, but she spends her time with her head in the clouds. She's a painter, and wishes to become a painter/animator some day, imitating the animated works of Ryan Larkin.

Stu Onik is a fat greasy bastard, who yells in some unintelligible language at his TV. He has balding, short black curly hair, and a greek/italian look to him. His most common outfit is a stained tank top and yellow/blue striped boxer shorts. He doesn't know a word of english.

Dabu Onik is Stu's son, and is 9 years old. He has slightly darker skin than his father, as his father looks quite sickly. He's generally smarter and more responsible than Eddie. He's constructive, always trying to find something out, or build something, or accomplish a task. He's not a genius protege, but he's on his way. His inquisitive nature often coincides with Eddie's insanity, so the two are good friends.

Aleck Dunst is 84. He's mostly deaf, mostly blind, and doesn't move much. But he dispenses short gibberish stories, and confusing moralistic advice. Often seen with Loup.

Steffany is Eddie's babysitter. Sometimes she's chasing him trying to end the game, or she may be a part of the story... until bed time, that is!

Beth is an 11 year old girl, who teases Eddie. She has short red hair. She's butch for a girl, but not a complete tomboy. She's more focused on games, than imagination. She likes to have a clear way of winning and losing. Eddie doesn't get it, but Dabu helps her sometimes.

Adrian is 20, and works at the shopping mart. He has shaggy blond hair, and a scruffy beard. It's clear he's a druggy. Despite his attitude, Adrian is fairly smart, and has a strong understanding of history, politics, philosophy and religion. Just don't ask him to do your math homework. He keeps trying to help Mackenzie hook up with Rachel. Mackenzie thinks Adrian is trying to make his life harder. He sometimes drops in, and helps out with the story in some way. On one occasion he brings his friend Kyle with him.

There are a number of other players, but those are the constantly recurring ones. The story largely focuses on the zany imaginations of Eddie and Dabu, but also on the in-work daydreams of Adrian and some of the fantasies of the other older cast members. One story is actually one of Roy's nightmares.

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tom-turbo said...

I thought I would draw these characters that you have described in detail. To me this sounds like a fun variety show, perhaps on par with teh animaniacs? Several different characters playing different roles in different scenarios disregarding logic?

Aleck Dunst
Dabu Onik
Eddie Jupiter
Stu Onik

I hope I didnt butcher your original vision ^^